Introducing Virtual
Primary Care.
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Integrated primary care with access for all.

Finally, it doesn’t matter where members live, now they can access high-quality care from the palms of their hands. Introducing virtual primary and behavioral healthcare supercharged with navigation — that’s Grand Rounds Virtual Primary Care.


Why Virtual Primary Care?

Members need access to high-quality primary care and behavioral health support and they need it now. Without equitable access to clinical care, the trend of poor health outcomes and rising costs will continue. Our Virtual Primary Care solution takes action to address critical barriers to care.


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Shortage of high-quality PCPs.

15,000 more PCPs are needed to fill shortages. Due to the pandemic, 7% of primary care practices are unsure they can stay open past 2020.

Geographic constraints.

Access to primary care is more difficult for those living in rural areas with 25% fewer PCPs per capita in rural counties than urban counties.

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Inconvenient access.

The average wait time for a family medicine appointment in large cities is 29 days.

Fragmented behavioral healthcare.

1 in 3 adults with a chronic health disorder also has a mental health condition. PCPs provide critical behavioral healthcare. But when they refer patients to mental health providers only 10% of those patients follow-up on the referral.

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Collaborative care starts here.

With Virtual Primary Care, Grand Rounds is the one place where all care begins. Our model offers longitudinal primary care, integrated with behavioral health and built on a foundation of comprehensive navigation. Members receive high-quality clinical care plus support for all the administrative aspects of healthcare. All this support helps them follow treatment plans and avoid health escalations and unnecessary costs.

What makes our Virtual Primary Care better?
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Clinical Expertise

What We Do
Our on-staff clinicians are uniquely equipped with a 360 member view, empowering them to deliver high-quality care and refer members to appropriate advocacy and benefit resources.

What Others Do
Clinicians work in silos, disconnected from other benefits, coverage, and member claims data, limiting the tools at their disposal to improve outcomes.

Data Science

What We Do
We measure individual-level quality for over 96% of US physicians. The result is dynamic, quality-driven care recommendations for members that need local in-network specialty care. High-quality care leads to lower costs and better health outcomes.


What Others Do
Others only consider whether a specialist is in-network when in-person care is needed. So members are not matched to high-quality providers specialized in their needs.

Complete Care for All

What We Do
Members have access to an empathetic care team and in-app resources to provide comprehensive support for all aspects of primary care including financial and administrative needs.


What Others Do
Care teams focus on clinical follow-up, leaving members to navigate financial, coverage and benefits questions on their own.