Get ready to use data and tech to make a real difference in people's lives.

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Get ready to use data and tech to make a real difference in people's lives.

Grow your career with us.

Join our tech team and build healthcare solutions that everybody actually likes and needs. We’re looking for engineers, data scientists, and product managers who want to solve messy, complex problems and make healthcare smarter and more personal.

Engineering Principles


Impact Over Progress

While progress may be measured by code shipped, the most important measure is one that delivers meaningful impact. We work with our customers to test assumptions, theories, approaches, and iterate until needs are met. By truly focusing on our users and building what they actually want, we create significantly more value for the company and our Members.


We Over Me

We value raising the level of conversation around the entire table because success for a team comes from optimizing for the whole, rather than individuals optimizing for themselves. To get the team to the next level, we recognize everyone’s strengths and work together to identify and develop skills, processes, behaviours, tools, and technologies.


Ability Over Knowledge

We find that the best people grow in a conscious way. They focus on building skills in high-leverage areas and then apply them to real problems. Theory is different in practice and we value those who work through the cognitive friction to get to actual skills (over stopping at knowledge) and use them to successfully accomplish something in an area.

Our Teams

Applications Engineering

The Applications Engineering team is building the product experience for our users. We help members navigate and engage with their healthcare, provide our patient care team with super powers that get people to the best medical outcomes, and build data-driven tools and reports for physicians and customers.

Data Engineering

The Data Engineering team designs and operates our data platform, enabling us to understand how people interact with the healthcare system. We work side-by-side with Data Science and Product Engineering to compile and process our massive healthcare data set and extract insights that personalize healthcare experiences.

Data Science

The Data Science team develops the logic for provider quality assessment and routing for our members. We create systems to identify the highest quality doctors in the country and use patient-level modeling to understand individual healthcare needs and preferences, allowing us to connect patients with the best outcomes.

Platform Engineering

The Platform Engineering team drives engineering velocity at Grand Rounds. We’re force multipliers, building the foundational operating platform for all other development teams to build upon. We create a highly reliable dev platform by adding controls and security that make operating software safer and easier.

Product Design

The Product Design team works closely with Product Management and Engineering to bring concepts to life by leading the research, ideation, prototyping, and testing of new product designs and features. Through empathetic user research, we drive ongoing improvement and advocate for Member needs through our designs.

Product Management

Our Product Management team is responsible for translating the Grand Rounds vision into a reality for our Members: a world where getting access to quality healthcare is simple and painless. From conception to launch, we work cross-functionally to guide products that deliver seamless healthcare experiences at scale.

Applications Engineering

Data Engineering

Data Science

Platform Engineering

Product Design

Product Management

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"I munge through messy data to tackle problems that have never been solved before. I love coming to Grand Rounds everyday knowing I’ll work on technical challenges that stand to solve the health challenges of millions!"

Jayodita Sanghvi, Data Science

"Nothing beats seeing your work truly helping people access healthcare like never before."

Xinyu Zhang, Data Science

"Knowing my code is helping real people have better lives makes it much easier to ride the wave of technical change."

Rick Cobb, Engineering

"Every day I get to help turn complex, clinical data into things that members understand and care about. This is just one small piece of the puzzle needed to get our members to highest quality outcomes possible."

Will Roller, Product

"Working at Grand Rounds means working on exciting technical challenges with structured mentorship and a talented, diverse team while striving to further a vision of excellent personalized health care."

Vinay Goel, Engineering

Interested in solving healthcare's hardest problems?