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Grand Rounds partners with leading institutions and provider groups to connect high-quality primary care providers and specialists with the millions of members we serve.

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We are a new kind of healthcare company. We are redefining the healthcare experience in order to raise the standard of care for everyone, everywhere.

Broader Reach

We bring new patients — locally, regionally and nationally — to
your providers.

Better-Matched Patients

We refer the most clinically-appropriate patients who come prepared with the right questions.

Financial Impact

We raise your brand awareness with our partner companies and their employees.

Expand your access and employer strategies

Serve more clinically-appropriate patients, among the millions of members covered by our 120+ large employer customers.

Connect With Us

  • Streamlined referrals
  • In-network, clinically-appropriate patients covered by Grand Rounds’ employer partners
  • Case preparation and patient support by a physician-led care team
  • Records collection and integration opportunities

What our experts are saying.

Our expert panel represents top leaders in their field with the skill and clinical judgment to guide patients on the best care path. Meet a few in this video.

Meet Our Experts

Using more than seven billion data points, we’ve assessed over 96% of the more than 700,000 practicing U.S. physicians to identify the highest quality doctors in every specialty.

Real people, real impact.

Lynn's Story

"I’m just so incredibly grateful that Grand Rounds has been there through this entire process. The entire Care Team has been such a support system — they are the friend and doctor you need in the scariest time of your life.

Member Stories
Ana's Story

I am very thankful for my team at Grand Rounds for providing my second opinion. The opinion pushed my doctors to move faster with certainty for my hysterectomy. I certainly think it was the right decision, and having the outside opinion reassured me and my doctors.

Member Stories
Leland's Story

Finding the right doctor was very important to me—someone I could communicate with and who understood my problem. Grand Rounds helped me do that.

Member Stories