Member Stories

We’ve helped thousands of members from around the world
find better outcomes. Here are just a few of their stories.

Dave, Herniated Discs

Nineteen years ago, I had a laminectomy, a major spine operation that removes a portion of the vertebral bo... Full Story

Lynn, Metastatic breast cancer

“It’s thanks to Grand Rounds for identifying my cancer when they did and for getting me in to see the top s... Full Story

Ana, Cervical Cancer

"I am very thankful for my team at Grand Rounds for providing my second opinion. The opinion pushed my doct... Full Story

Laura, Hyperpara-thyroidism, Cushing’s Disease

“For 12 years I have been dealing with these symptoms and I am really happy to have the light at the end of... Full Story

Rena, Fibromyalgia

"I can actually live my life and be happy and do everything." Full Story

Jordan and Liam, Hypoactive Thyroid

"Knowing that the thyroid is crucial for proper brain development during the first three to four years, it ... Full Story

Allen, Chronic back pain

“It was a miracle that Grand Rounds was able to gather all of my records in such a short period of time to ... Full Story

Steve, Arthritis

”Getting that second opinion has been life changing for me. I can’t say thank you enough for the guidance m... Full Story

Heather, Marfan Syndrome

“Customer service with Grand Rounds was a breath of fresh air. They took th... Full Story

Kim, Liver Tumor

“Grand Rounds answered all of my questions with explanations and reasonings... Full Story

Danny Newton, Sports Injury

“I’m not the person to figure out where the right doctor is. If I had tried, it would have taken me hours a... Full Story

Kimberly, Neuropathy

“I had been my own advocate for so many years. And finally, I had someone else to be my advocate.” Full Story

Frances and Leo, Allergies

"I was able to access all of my husband's medical records through my phone, at my fingertips. This was real... Full Story

Carmen, Guillain-Barré syndrome

"The remarkable thing is that no matter where you live, Grand Rounds is going to find the right doctor for ... Full Story

Carol, Stomach Pain

"The Grand Rounds Care Team was with me every step of the way." Full Story

Dawn & Mary, Kidney Disorder (Hydronephrosis)

"Grand Rounds did an excellent job of communicating with me—and everything moved incredibly fast. I got my ... Full Story

Ricardo, Low Sodium (Hyponatremia)

“Many times patients run out of options. Grand Rounds opens the door for new possibilities—which is especia... Full Story

Barbara, Back Pain (Piriformis Syndrome)

"Before, I felt like doctors were just trying to manage the pain. With Grand Rounds, they were actually try... Full Story

Don, Peripheral Artery Disease

"Grand Rounds really taught me the importance of getting an opinion from a top specialist, not just any doc... Full Story

Angela, Hip Injury

"Grand Rounds gathered all my medical records in one place. That was something I didn't have access to befo... Full Story

Lulu, Retinal Detachment

"Grand Rounds took care of me and my mom immediately. They answered all of my questions and I never felt lo... Full Story

Sorene, Knee Pain

"I felt like I finally had an answer and didn’t have to accept that my knee would always be in pain." Full Story

Linda, Renal (Kidney) Cancer

"I’ve been telling all my co-workers about this service. I tell them if they’re going through a complicated... Full Story

Pat, Brain Tumors

"I couldn’t be happier with my experience. I’m so thankful I was connected with Grand Rounds. I can go back... Full Story

Andreas, Bacterial infection (Leptospirosis)

"Everything moved really fast once Grand Rounds got involved. They gathered his medical records, reviewed h... Full Story

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