When your members get lost in healthcare, we help them find their way.

Healthcare Navigation takes the stress out of managing healthcare. So your members can find top doctors with proven safety records, in their networks and in their neighborhoods. We’ll even book the appointments.

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Healthcare Navigation to the rescue.

Your members face healthcare challenges every day. In fact, close to 80% of American workers cite healthcare as their number one concern. Confusion and rising costs lead to inadequate care or delayed treatment. The result? Worse health outcomes, lower productivity and even higher healthcare costs for employers.


Grand Rounds helps your members navigate the pitfalls of American healthcare:
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Fragmented system.

Members with chronic conditions and highly fragmented care are 13% more likely to visit the emergency department.

Information overload.

96% of Americans cannot accurately define all four cost sharing mechanisms that are critical to their care decisions.

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Low-value care.

25% of total healthcare spend is waste: failure of care or coordination, over-treatment or inappropriate care, pricing failure, fraud and abuse and administrative complexity.

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A reimagined healthcare experience

Like a personal healthcare assistant, our best-in-class healthcare navigation solution gives your members fast access to the support and tools they need to make the most of their health benefits. Our award-winning care team provides resolution and reassurance for every member, and every healthcare need. Our digital experience brings simplicity and speed to our members’ care, harnessing the latest in machine learning and clinical research. The result is one trusted place for members to go, for any and every healthcare need.

The 1 reason America’s top employers choose Grand Rounds? How about 4?
Clinical Expertise

What We Do
We lead our members to better health outcomes. It starts by getting to know each member and what they need. Thanks to our 200+ full-time on-staff clinicians caring for members everyday, we create products informed by real-life experience. By integrating telemedicine directly into our navigation, our clinicians have full insight into each member’s history, coverage and benefits for more personalized care.

What Others Do
Other solutions have few doctors on staff who are minimally involved in patient care and product development. Without in-house clinical expertise, uninformed products decisions are made that can lead to compromised health outcomes.

Data Science

What We Do
From member engagement to provider quality, we use the latest data science technology to solve critical healthcare problems. We built a custom Engagement Engine to identify unique member needs and recommend personalized actions to improve health outcomes. We also developed the first-of-its-kind, externally-validated Match Engine. This provider quality tool comprises 100+ novel, comprehensive quality metrics and assesses individual-level quality for over 96% of US physicians. The result is dynamic, quality-driven care recommendations for every member.


What Others Do
Most navigation vendors that try to evaluate provider quality rely exclusively on third-party vendors, with data that is incomplete, unspecific, or out-of-date. They also focus on a much more limited set of surgical and hospital outcomes metrics that represent only a fraction of member-provider interactions.

Complete Care for All

What We Do
Our expert care team delivers a genuine, human-to-human experience with member interaction. No call time limits, no scripted protocols, just customized care from dedicated advocates who lead members beyond the personal, social and financial barriers to the quality healthcare they deserve.


What Others Do
Other solutions focus purely on the member’s stated needs. This leads to missed opportunities to uncover hidden obstacles to quality care, to screen for social determinants of health and to help connect members to resources for better outcomes.

Continuous Innovation

What We Do
We’re revolutionizing age-old deficiencies in the healthcare experience, not maintaining them. From doctor search to care management to telemedicine, we’re constantly innovating and putting the power of data to work for fast iteration and responsiveness to member behavior.


What Others Do
Other vendors prioritize the maintenance of existing programs instead of looking ahead to anticipate and meet future member needs.

Our Healthcare Navigation solution — the direct route to high-quality care.
We make the complex simple.
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