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When members face major healthcare challenges, we provide the expertise they need.

Expert Medical Opinions deliver comprehensive guidance for your members’ most complex health needs. So they get the best possible care while your company saves hundreds of thousands of dollars on unnecessary healthcare expenses.

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The world’s top clinical minds, on call and on the case.

With Expert Medical Opinions, our curated panel of top physicians lends deep expertise to members’ health conditions and cases. So they get the right diagnosis and treatment with no unnecessary procedures, delays or costs.


Expert medical opinions save lives & thousands of dollars
For most employers, 20% of their members drive 80% of healthcare costs due to complex and chronic conditions. Confusion about care and rising costs often lead members to incorrect or inadequate treatment. Expert Medical Opinions guide them to high-quality care in a system rife with obstacles:
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Inappropriate care.

Too often members with complex healthcare needs see doctors who don’t have the necessary level of expertise in their particular condition or unique clinical needs. This can lead to misdiagnosis and unnecessary treatments contributing to the 25% of healthcare costs considered waste.

Fragmented care.

42% of members have multiple chronic conditions managed by different providers who may not coordinate with each other. This fragmented care experience often leads to a departure from clinical best practices resulting in higher costs and preventable hospitalizations for these members.

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Insufficient guidance.

For the 88% of members without proficient health literacy, the healthcare system can be scary, confusing and overwhelming. These members don’t make informed crucial care decisions and end up incurring costs up to 4 times greater than those with proficient health literacy.

Real-life results for your members.

Average savings per Expert Medical Opinion


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increase in member health literacy


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More than an expert opinion, a full-service solution.

Doctors aren’t experts in every condition. That’s why Grand Rounds Health ensures each member with complex needs gets the right diagnosis from medical specialists with deep expertise in their condition, high-quality local treatment and an empathetic care and clinical team to guide them along the way.

Why we’re your first choice
for expert medical opinions.
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Clinical Expertise

What We Do
Our curated panel of 4,500 leading medical experts provide deep expertise on any condition and our 200+ on-staff clinicians inform product development and lead our care delivery model to drive treatment adherence and health literacy.

What Others Do
Other solutions have expert panels optimized for breadth or depth, but not both. They also deliver clinical guidance through RNs, who have less extensive clinical training and cannot give personalized medical advice.

Data Science

What We Do
We use the latest data science techniques and in-house clinical expertise to power our engagement and quality approach. Our Engagement Engine is a collaboration between our data science team and clinicians to optimize value by identifying unique member needs and delivering communications that drive the best expected outcome.


Our quality algorithms rely on >10 billion data points to curate the highest-quality expert panel and match members to exceptional local care for treatment. Using machine learning (ML), we can incorporate much more data, and develop models much faster—measuring quality across specialties with unmatched precision and scale. The result is much richer models in any given specialty, than currently exists in the universe of metrics.


What Others Do
Other solutions do not have on-staff clinicians collaborating with data science to develop algorithms for personalized member outreach. Other solutions rely on a limited set of static metrics to assess the quality of their expert panel and local providers.

Complete Care for All

What We Do
Each unique member receives the right care from start to finish through a personalized, comprehensive experience. Whether over the phone or through our convenient chat feature, members receive unlimited time with our clinicians and care team to improve health literacy, find high-quality doctors, and address underlying barriers to care.


What Others Do
Other solutions do not offer the comprehensive care members need when experiencing a complex care concern, such as referrals to local high-quality care and on-demand access to clinicians for care guidance. The care teams of other solutions are managed like call centers with traditional quotas and strict protocols, preventing them from providing personalized support.

Continuous Innovation

What We Do
We continuously improve our digital and live member experience by harnessing data insights, user research, and our customers’ feedback and ideas.


What Others Do
Other solutions use out-of-date technology and prioritize maintenance of existing programs instead of anticipating member needs and addressing them.