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As a health navigator, it is our responsibility to guide your employees and their family members to the right place, from point A to point B. Our unique capabilities make this possible, delivering your members the high quality care they deserve, and employers the results they need.

A Shared Vision.

Employers choose Grand Rounds because we each share a vision of what healthcare can and should be: simple, elegant, efficient and easy to navigate. To transform healthcare for our members, we assembled a first-of-its-kind member care model. This investment in data and technology enables us to measure quality of care at the individual physician level so that we can match our members to the absolute right doctor for their needs. We hired nearly 100 licensed clinicians directly onto our staff to oversee our care programs. We built out an expansive ecosystem of member-facing services to offer one place to go for any healthcare need. And we are committed to innovating at every opportunity to raise the standard of care for everyone, everywhere.

Hear Why our Customers Choose Grand Rounds.

A Best-in-Class Healthcare Navigation Solution.

Grand Rounds is the only healthcare navigation vendor to offer on-staff clinical expertise, a provider-quality-measurement platform, and a complete care experience for your employees and their family members. Here’s what makes us different:

Quality Measurement.

We’ve invested over $75M in the past six years to build a best-in-class quality match engine, instead of relying on third-party data. Quality is measured at the individual MD level, and scores adjust dynamically with every search. So recommendations are personalized to unique clinical situations and preferences.

Clinical Expertise.

We have close to 100 on-staff medical doctors, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants informing our care recommendations and development of our product. Our clinicians provide 1:1 guidance directly to your members by phone, 8am-9pm M-F, and 24/7 for urgent cases. Clinicians spend an average of 24 minutes talking with members—9 minutes longer than the average PCP visit!

Complete Care Experience.

We have an award-winning care team that goes above and beyond to support your members with the clinical, financial, and emotional aspects of care. There are no call scripts, time limits, or strict protocols as we triage situations and work to remove barriers to care. Every interaction is a personalized, real-time experience.

Continuous Innovation.

We are committed to finding new ways to augment the healthcare experience to drive out waste and improve clinical outcomes every year. Our product roadmap prioritizes addressing the pain points of our customers and potential buyers, and is regularly updated in response to members needs and behaviors.

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