When your members struggle with healthcare, we help them find their way

Grand Rounds simplifies the experience for employees and their family members by providing one place to go for all their healthcare needs. Our healthcare navigation services equip members with self-service tools and high-touch live support to help them make the most of the healthcare benefits offered to them.

A healthcare system fraught with challenges

Approximately 80% of American workers cite healthcare as their #1 concern. Confusion, frustration, and rising costs are common reasons why employees settle for inadequate care, or hold off treatment until it’s too late. Organizations, as a result, suffer a drop in workplace satisfaction and productivity, with an increase in unnecessary healthcare spend.

The need for an integrated, more holistic approach

Point solutions take a siloed approach to assisting employees—focusing heavily on being a condition-specific management tool, a well-being app, or some other niche service. They aren’t integrated with providers, the healthcare system, or the multifaceted needs of the member.

This is why Grand Rounds has introduced a new kind of Healthcare Navigation Solution.

Best-in-class healthcare navigation

Grand Rounds is the only healthcare navigation vendor to offer on-staff clinical expertise, a validated provider-quality-measurement platform, and a complete care experience for all members. Our healthcare navigation solution includes fully integrated Telemedicine to provide members with virtual access to clinicians and specialists.

Here’s what makes us different:

Data science

We use the latest data science techniques to solve the hardest problems, including engagement and provider quality. Our Engagement Engine optimizes value by identifying unique member needs and delivering communications that drive the best expected outcome. We’ve invested $75M to develop the first-of-its-kind, externally-validated Match Engine, which comprises 100+ novel, comprehensive quality metrics that assess individual quality for over 96% of US physicians. The result is dynamic, quality-driven care recommendations for every member.

Clinical expertise

We have 200+ on-staff clinicians who deliver care and consult on product development. By integrating telemedicine directly within our navigation solution, our clinicians have full insight into the member’s history, coverage, and benefits ecosystem allowing more personalized care.

Complete care for all

We have an award-winning care team that goes above and beyond to support your employees from clinical, financial, and emotional aspects of care. There are no call quotas, call scripts, time limits, or strict protocols as we triage situations and work to remove barriers to care. Every interaction is a personalized, real-time experience.

Continuous innovation

We are committed to finding new ways to augment the healthcare experience to drive out waste and improve clinical outcomes every year. Our product roadmap prioritizes addressing the pain points of our customers and potential buyers, and is regularly updated in response to employee needs and behaviors.

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