Comprehensive guidance for your most complex members

Expert Medical Opinions ensure members with complex needs get the right diagnosis and treatment, by giving them access to experts in their condition, high-quality local care to carry out treatment, and an empathetic care and clinical team to guide the member.

Members with complex health needs face major healthcare challenges

For most employers, 20% of their members with complex and chronic conditions drive 80% of healthcare costs. Many physicians lack the expertise to properly diagnose or treat members, leading to increased costs, risk of complications, and worse outcomes. Expert Medical Opinions guide them to high-quality care in a system rife with obstacles.

The costs of unnecessary medical care

On average, it’s estimated that 20-30% of overall medical care is not needed, including:


of tests


of prescriptions


of procedures

For companies with self-funded healthcare plans, this directly affects their bottom line. The costs spill over into lost employee productivity and increased internal administration.

Partnering with us helps your organization

Reduce costs

Grand Rounds reduces wasteful spending on unnecessary surgeries and prescriptions, low value care, hospitalizations, and more. We deliver a 2:1 ROI as a result of $9,800 savings per EMO and $2,200 savings per Concierge Referral.

Improve outcomes

Expert Medical Opinions ensure members get the right care for their needs. 64% of our EMOs result in a change in treatment and 10% result in a change in diagnosis. Additionally, 41% of EMOs following a surgery recommendation lead to cancellation of the procedure.

Satisfy members

Grand Rounds delivers a better member experience, driving >90% member satisfaction rate for Expert Medical Opinions.

Real people. Real impact.

Beth's Story

“Customer service is outstanding. I felt like I mattered.” Beth said, “They matched me with a provider that diagnosed me 100%. She suggested medication, continuing the course that I was on, as well as weight loss.”

More than just a second opinion

Today, there are several providers of second opinions. Grand Rounds takes it one step further by giving members access to experts in their condition, high quality local care to carry out treatment, and an empathetic care and clinical team to guide and support.

Data science

We use the latest data science techniques to solve the hardest problems, including engagement and provider quality. Our Engagement Engine optimizes value by identifying unique member needs and delivering communications that drive the best expected outcome. We’ve invested $75M to develop the first-of-its-kind, externally-validated Match Engine, which comprises 100+ novel, comprehensive quality metrics that assess individual-level quality for over 96% of US physicians. The result is dynamic, quality-driven care recommendations for every member.

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Clinical expertise

Clinical expertise is in our DNA. Our panel of 4,500 leading medical experts provide expert guidance for any condition and our 200+ on-staff clinicians inform product development and lead our care delivery model to drive treatment adherence and health literacy.

Complete care for all

Our approach takes into account the emotional and logistical burden that accompanies a complex clinical situation. Our award-winning care team addresses any member need, including clinical and emotional aspects of care. There are no call quotas, call scripts, time limits, or strict protocols as we triage situations and work to remove barriers to care. Every interaction is a personalized, real-time experience.

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Continuous innovation

We constantly work to improve our digital and live member experience by harnessing data insights, user research, and our customers’ passion and ideas. We are the first and only expert opinion solution to leverage a quality algorithm to objectively select top experts for our expert panel.

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