Guiding your employees and their families to better health outcomes

Providing quality healthcare has become critical to every company’s success. That’s why partnering with Grand Rounds makes sense. We deliver lower costs, better outcomes, happier members, and an equitable care experience.

Members served

6 million

Referrals to high-quality physicians

1.1 million

Our approach delivers measurable, population-level impact

Lower costs

1-3 pct. pt.

Reduction in trend

Better outcomes


Decrease in ER visits

Happier members


Member satisfaction

Equitable care


Members with poor access to care received guidance from Grand Rounds during 2020

Partnering with us helps your organization…

Improve outcomes

With on-demand, clinician-led care teams and our Connected Care Program (CCP), we can focus on adherence, prevention, and personalized holistic care – resulting in better outcomes.

Reduce costs

We guide your members to high-quality, cost-effective, and clinically appropriate care. Clients typically see a 2:1 return on investment annually and a 1-3 percentage point reduction in trend.

Satisfy members

Our “Above and Beyond” culture focuses on delivering highly-personalized support with 96% of calls answered within 30 seconds and an 85% member satisfaction rating.

Provide equitable care

Our program levels the playing field and ensures that your members and their families experience the care they deserve, regardless of zip code.

“In my career, there have been only a handful of times when I’ve heard a new product idea that I knew would be a game-changer for the industry, and one where there’s no doubt I’d buy. This is one of them.”

— NBGH Health Innovation Forums board member

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Delivering high-tech, high-touch solutions

Grand Rounds provides comprehensive Healthcare Navigation and Expert Medical Opinion solutions for your entire population with the right combination of technology, data and live clinical support. We deliver the highest-quality, personalized healthcare to each of your employees, and their family members.

Today, we serve as strategic partners to our customers, ensuring quality healthcare throughout your members’ entire journey with your company.

Healthcare navigation

Simplify the experience for members by providing one place to go for all their healthcare needs. Our healthcare navigation services equip members with self-service and high-touch tools to help them make the most of the healthcare benefits offered to them.

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Expert medical opinions

Ensure members with complex needs get the right diagnosis and treatment, by giving them access to experts in their condition, high-quality local care to carry out treatment, and an empathetic care and clinical team to guide the member.

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Connect with Grand Rounds to learn more about what you can do to improve the quality of healthcare for your members.

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