Why Grand Rounds

Why Grand Rounds

Grand Rounds combines world-class medicine, consumer technology and data science to make high-quality care accessible to all of your employees. More than expert opinions, Grand Rounds delivers measurably better outcomes and ROI throughout the care cycle.

Evidence-based approach for identifying the most qualified physicians

We can pinpoint the highest quality physicians, wherever your employees are located.

Proprietary Quality Algorithm

The Grand Rounds Quality Algorithm ranks physicians on metrics that are predictive of future outcomes, including where they practice, where they trained, research conducted, procedural volumes and patient outcomes data. Over 96% of all active specialists and PCPs in the US have been assessed. Physicians that score at the top for each specialty in each region are quality-endorsed.

Physician-led Care Team

From the small subset of quality-endorsed doctors, Grand Rounds will handpick the most qualified physicians for your employees to see in-person. Additional screens include: physician’s expertise with the patient’s condition, patient care preferences, geographic proximity, appointment availability, and insurance coverage.

Resources for your employees every step of the way

Grand Rounds is there whether an employee is dealing with a tricky diagnosis, looking for an alternate treatment plan, or simply needs more personalized care.

Connect 24/7

Physician-led support

Get clear guidance

Access care quickly

Top-notch care coordination with end-to-end support

Beyond our network of top physicians, the Grand Rounds team supports your employees every step of the way. From scheduling appointments, collecting and digitizing medical records, and following up on their care to making sure they are on the right path.

Staff Physicians

Licensed physicians working directly for Grand Rounds and available to answer your questions

Care Coordinators

Empathetic and intelligent support when your employees seek answers and comfort

Record Specialists

Trained curators of medical records who quickly collect and digitize medical records on your behalf

Patient and employer dashboards provide 24/7 access

Online dashboards give your employees a way to keep in contact with us 24/7,
and also provide you with data and insights on program utilization, impact, and savings.


Seamless benefits integration and exceptional engagement

Grand Rounds can plug in to your benefits programming to create quick and easy access for more of your employees and their family members.

  • Maximize engagement among covered members
  • Deep collaboration with carriers, third-party navigators, and brokers
  • Support for preference-sensitive care decisions
  • Grand Rounds as network access point for in-network providers