Our Services

Our Services

Grand Rounds delivers measurably better healthcare outcomes for your employees and proven cost savings for your organization. Guide your employees to the right care with Grand Rounds Beacon and maximize the value of your provider network and healthcare investments with Grand Rounds Summit.

Grand Rounds Beacon

Give your employees personalized and comprehensive guidance for whatever medical need they have. Grand Rounds Beacon offers measurably better healthcare through remote care, in-person care and supporting services.

Remote Care

  • Remote Expert Opinions from world-class physicians that are quick, technology-enabled, change course of care 66% of the time and result in $8,900 savings per case.
  • In-Hospital Support for patients in the hospital facing critical care decisions. Phone consultations with licensed physicians provide peace-of-mind and clinical support.
  • Clinical Guide offers fast access to licensed physicians for treatment decision support and triage.

In-Person Care

  • Concierge-style Office Visits with best matched in-network physicians.
  • An intuitive self-service Doctor Match tool for finding high quality, in-network physicians.

Supporting Services

  • Records collection and digitization so that your employees and their physicians have the information they need to make the right care decisions.
  • Staff Physician-led care coordination support your employees along their care journey, providing guidance and ensuring they get matched with the most qualified local remote experts.
  • Your employees receive long-term follow up after every interaction with a local or remote expert to ensure all their questions are answered and that they are on the best path to health.

Key Benefits for Employers

Creates cost savings by avoiding unnecessary procedures

Promotes happy, healthy workers and decreased absenteeism

Enables significant time savings when employees need to access medical care

Provides an amazing benefit that can help employers retain and attract top talent

Grand Rounds Summit

Maximize the value of your provider network by steering all of your employees to the highest quality, most efficient care possible.
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