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Make extraordinary care an everyday thing.

Join the 100+ leading employers that count on Grand Rounds to connect to quality care.

From school teachers in Las Vegas, ice road truckers in Alaska, investment bankers in New York, to retail associates nationwide, we’re proud partners in driving healthy outcomes.

Quality care starts with finding the right doctor.

Healthcare is ultimately what happens between a doctor and a patient. There are high-quality physicians all across the country—the key is finding them and guiding your employees to them. Find out how your county compares when it comes to high-quality primary care physicians.

Quality that counts.

It’s time to transform healthcare, where it happens. We get your employees to quality doctors. Doctors who do more of what’s helpful, less of what’s not.

In our latest eBook, get insights on the challenge – and opportunity – variance in practice patterns represents.

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Complex care. Clinical navigation. Network optimization.

We've got your covered lives covered.

Whether you want to seriously intervene, or intervene before it gets serious, we provide the technology, intelligence and humans your members need to navigate their care, on their terms.

Grand Rounds Beacon

Exceptional expertise and support for the most complex cases in your population

Grand Rounds Summit

A singular clinical entry point for the member, a selective network at scale for you

Real people, real impact.

  • Lynn's Story

    I’m just so incredibly grateful that Grand Rounds has been there through this entire process. The entire Care Team has been such a support system — they are the friend and doctor you need in the scariest time of your life."

  • Ana's Story

    I am very thankful for my team at Grand Rounds for providing my second opinion. The opinion pushed my doctors to move faster with certainty for my hysterectomy. I certainly think it was the right decision, and having the outside opinion reassured me and my doctors."

  • Leland's Story

    Finding the right doctor was very important to me—someone I could communicate with and who understood my problem. Grand Rounds helped me do that."

World-class expertise at your fingertips.

Virtual access to the best medical minds. Direct connections to top local docs. Anytime support from our award-winning clinical staff.

Your members get expert help on whether and how to get care.

Using more than seven billion data points, we’ve assessed over 96% of the more than 700,000
practicing U.S. physicians to identify the highest quality doctors in every specialty.