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“How do you expand to a new site without your culture taking a hit?” This was an audience question during the last stop on Glassdoor’s 2016 Best Places to Work Roadshow, for Zillow Group Denver lead Greg Bland. Zillow Denver has found their way in this regard (and how!). But by their own admission, it was a rocky start.

So is it possible to have site expansion without culture contraction? We won’t offer the playbook here (hint: apply painstaking care in making your first hires), instead a bit of proof it can be done.

Said roadshow stop was last Thursday and exactly eight hours later, our Reno site — ribbon cut a year ago and already expanding beyond the original space — was deemed a Quantum Workplace Best Place to Work in Northern Nevada. Number one to be precise.

This fun bunch here.

GR Reno Team

Grand Rounds Reno celebrates 2016 Glassdoor Best Places to Work win.

No doubt, opening (or acquiring) a new site is pitfall-prone. We approached our Reno expansion with no shortage of apprehension. And now a year later, we celebrate Team Reno’s big win. With particular gratitude for the culture-amplifying force they’ve been from Day 1.

What makes this team so special, a group with Glassdoor overall satisfaction scores of 4.9? Let’s use another roadshow quote, this time from Tom Gimbel, CEO of recruiting firm LaSalle Network, to sum up:

“You can do Free Bagel Fridays and some folks will complain that it’s all carbs. The people who want to solve big things — that’s who you want.”

GR Reno grand opening

Reno “grand” opening cake. Made with love by Reno team member, Megan Hein.

And that’s what we got with our Reno team. A team that works — together with our SF crew — tirelessly to help patients through life’s toughest moments, with unyielding empathy and skill. And yet at the end of the day, this team has even more to give. To each other and to our culture.


Grand Rounds cultural values.

That’s why this post, originally meant to provide color to our Glassdoor deck (a mini culture coda if you will), is dedicated to our Grand Rounders offering big effort and big heart in the Biggest Little City.

And to our San Francisco team, too. For the thought and time extended in putting the right conditions in place for Reno’s success. Who continue to so generously offer their tacit knowledge and able support.

Reno in the Roadshow

So here are three philosophies Grand Rounds Reno has upheld, nay upleveled, in the what and the how of all they do. Inspiring us all in turn.

GR Philosophy

Employees first. Not entirely original but perhaps a bit radical when you consider the patient is the ultimate user of Grand Rounds, no? Our service is only as strong as our least responsive team member in the delivery chain. As a Grand Rounds Renoite put in on Glassdoor:

“While the motto work hard, play hard holds true…it’s because we demand nothing but the best for our patients. Our first value is ‘Patients First’ and to fulfill that value we provide a very rewarding work environment…”

GR Philosophy

Treating your team well? Good for brand and business. Every interaction that occurs between Grand Rounds and our customers is an opportunity to build (or erode) our brand. In an era of your brand is what THEY say it is, we strive to put the “they” in contact with an engaged and empowered “we” at every turn.

GR Philosophy

Hire for “more” vs. “same.” Our once-held mantra, and still a popular adage for many companies, was recruit for cultural fit. More recently, we’ve expanded our focus to cultural amplification. So instead of looking for folks who meld, we seek can-doers who will challenge us to be and do better. Reflecting the diversity of all we aim to serve; i.e., Americans far and wide.

GR Philosophy

Warts and all. With the tenets above and for many others, we are a work in progress (now and always). We DON’T have it all figured out. The smart people we hire would see right through us if we claimed to. So it’s not about an absence of issues. It’s acknowledging head-on the challenges, and most importantly, enlisting a team of eager problem solvers in tackling them.

Lastly, and just as important: celebrating the wins. So thanks, Reno, for helping us build a great culture, and for bringing the “Renossance” to no-better-a-cause:

Transforming health care.


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