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Why video? Why now?

As we spend more of our time online, it’s no surprise that social media platforms have shifted toward more visual content. 65% of people are visual learners, and 90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visual. When done well, visual content can simplify complex topics and connect with viewers emotionally more effectively than text alone. A great example of this is TED-Ed, one of the most popular education channels on YouTube. With over 3 million subscribers, this channel uses short animated videos to explain topics ranging from stocks to smallpox. 

As we constantly strive to apply cutting edge marketing techniques, we wanted to explore using animated video as a new approach to engaging with our members. With all of the disruption caused by COVID-19, now is a particularly good time to innovate: having less opportunity for in-person connection, members are feeling isolated despite the constant online chatter around them. We wanted to create a simple, clear message that cuts through the noise, letting members know that we are here to support them. 


Our Approach

We set out to produce short animated videos that would introduce Grand Rounds to members in an easily digestible and compelling way. Given the brevity of the video, we wanted to make sure that our message resonated with our audience. We conducted a series of interviews with actual members at one of our biggest Navigation customers to better understand how they were managing their healthcare, and their biggest challenges. Here are some of the insights from those conversations:

  • Cost is top of mind: 100% of members we spoke with cited cost as a top consideration in managing their care, as well as a common barrier to care. 80% of members expressed interest in Grand Rounds services like claims advocacy and the ability to track healthcare spending through our app. Based on this, we knew that highlighting these services in particular was an effective way to pique members’ interest. 
  • Convenience is key: Our members lead busy lives, and when it comes to finding a provider, they greatly value proximity to work so that they can more easily incorporate visits into their daily schedule. Members with dependents also look for providers closer to home, for greater accessibility for their families. Thus, highlighting Grand Rounds’ ability to help members optimize for these preferences is a must, in addition to educating them about provider quality. 
  • Ease of access is attractive: Members we spoke with were pleased to learn about Grand Rounds’ messaging feature, even if they had an overall preference for phone conversations. Members felt it was easier to message during the workday, when they may not be able to step away for an extended phone conversation. Letting members know how easily they could reach us increases the likelihood of action on their part. 

With these messages in mind, we developed the following videos for our Expert Medical Opinion (EMO) and Navigation services:

Expert Medical Opinions


Customer Case Study

One of our Navigation customers, a national retailer, wanted to adopt a more innovative approach in helping members make the most of their rich benefits. At the same time, they wanted a communication method that was accessible to members who didn’t necessarily sit in front of a computer all day. They embedded the video in the following places:

  • Grand Rounds microsite  
  • Targeted outreach emails
  • Landing page of a wellness program that incorporates Grand Rounds

On average, viewers watched 55% of the video, which translates to about 1 minute of content. By contrast, consumers spend an average of about 13 seconds reading an email. While email marketing will always be one of the most effective tools for activating an audience, video could play an increasingly important role in transmitting knowledge. 


Interested in learning more? 

We would love to explore ways that you can incorporate video into your benefits communication strategy – benefits portal integration and virtual benefit fairs are just a couple of examples to start! Reach out to your CSM if you’re interested in learning more. 

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