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Flu Shot Campaign

Given the added importance of flu vaccinations this past fall and winter on account of COVID-19, we developed a campaign to educate and remind members during every clinical consultation. The campaign kicked off in September, and we plan to evaluate the impact using claims data once available. 


Member Outreach Reporting Enhancements

Following the roll-out of the Grand Rounds Engagement Engine, we have significantly enhanced our ability to analyze and report on member engagement efforts through email and mail, by bringing together data that previously lived across many different systems. One key benefit of this initiative is the ability to attribute utilization to outreach channels or specific campaigns. For example, we will now be able to answer questions such as: 

  • What were your highest performing campaigns? 
  • How much utilization was driven by broad vs. targeted email?
  • How much utilization was driven by email vs. home mailers? 

These insights will enable us to continually refine our approach to engaging your specific population, as well as uncover additional opportunities. 


Ability to Schedule Telemedicine Appointment

Members with access to our Telemedicine service can now schedule a desired appointment time via our website or app, in addition to scheduling through our care team or opting for the soonest available appointment. This enhancement makes it more convenient for members to speak with a Grand Rounds clinician, addressing a common request from members. Scheduling capabilities will soon be expanded to Treatment Decision Support (TDS). 


Improved Clinical Routing for Match Platform (Navigation Only)

Members often make assumptions about the best type of provider for their particular needs. In certain specialties (e.g., orthopedics), sub-specialization is prevalent but members may not always understand the difference between, say, a general orthopedic surgeon and a sports medicine specialist. In other areas, we have seen that members can easily confuse two different specialties with significant differences in the care provided (e.g., psychiatry vs. psychology, or ophthalmology vs. optometry). 

We know that selecting a well-matched provider is key to a good outcome. In order to proactively guide members to the right care regardless of where they are starting, we added clinical focus questions across 6 specialties. These specialties were selected on the basis of search volume, likelihood of confusion, as well as the impact of sub-specialty matching on clinical outcomes, as measured by our quality models: 

  • Orthopedic Surgeon (General)
  • Ophthalmologist
  • Neurologist
  • Psychiatrist
  • Hematologist-Oncologist
  • Gastroenterologist

Now, when members search the above specialties, they will be asked to provide greater detail about their condition, which then informs our recommendations. Since implementing this enhancement, we have been able to provide a more clinically relevant match in 50%+ of searches across these specialties. Notably, we have found that 90% of members searching for “orthopedic surgeon (general)” had a more specific need, and 40% of members searching for “psychiatrist” are actually looking for psychotherapy. In both of these examples, members are now getting increasingly accurate matches and more appropriate care, even if they don’t know what to look for in the beginning. Moving forward, we will continue to look for opportunities to infuse greater personalization and clinical expertise into our navigation platform, which enables us to deliver exceptional value to members.


UHC Premium Provider Designation (Navigation Only) 

We have deepened our integration with UHC for the benefit of our mutual customers, by displaying UHC’s Premium Provider program designations. This will enable members at customers with eligible networks to more easily select a provider based on quality and cost. As of now, we support both the BCBS Blue Distinction program and the UHC Premium Provider program. Note: designations are not factored into Grand Rounds’ quality algorithms.


Enhancements to Mobile Financial Tools (Navigation Only)

In Q4, we released native mobile versions of our in-app financial tools that enable members to track their spending and understand plan details, as part of our ongoing commitment to providing a seamless user experience for our members. Cumulatively, these investments have led to a 4.9+ average rating to date in the iOS and Android app stores. 

In addition, in-app FSA balance tracking for FSAs provided through ConnectYourCare is now available. Additional vendor integrations will be evaluated based on customer demand. 

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