Our North Star: Matching Members with High-Quality Doctors

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Medical errors. Unnecessary treatments. Overpriced services. Each year, the U.S. healthcare system wastes over $750 billion on unnecessary, ineffective, or harmful services.1 Poor-quality medical care harms patients both physically and financially. And as the largest purchaser of healthcare, employers are also paying a high price for poor-quality care.

But the problem isn’t a lack of quality. The U.S. healthcare system contains many of the top primary care physicians and specialists in the world—you just have to find the right one. Unfortunately, most people lack the knowledge, tools, and support needed to find high-quality care that is right for them.

Employers recognize that the key to a healthier workforce and better health outcomes is ensuring their employees have access to world-class providers and services. A growing number of employers are providing innovative tools and services to help their employees navigate to high-quality, affordable healthcare.

At Grand Rounds, we have built our approach to quality around one core belief: the individual patient-provider match is the foundation for high-quality healthcare. Our data-driven approach matches members and their families with the highest quality provider for their needs while also considering important member preferences like how far a member is willing to travel, preferred gender, or language.

By navigating members to high-quality providers and services through a solution like Grand Rounds, employers are able to help their employees receive better care while lowering healthcare costs.

Watch the video below to learn more about quality at Grand Rounds:


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