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Adjusting to a new diagnosis is difficult enough, but as any parent knows, when it comes to your children, it’s downright stressful. The lifestyle adjustments are daunting, the red tape is infuriating, and the resulting stress can be overwhelming. This is where the care team at Grand Rounds Health relies on its superpower – empathy.

Recently one of our members called Care Coordinator Celia Johnson in the middle of a heated moment – her pharmacy was attempting to charge her $500 for back up test strips for her diabetic daughter. “They were being told it was $500 for a one month supply, as insurance would not approve one month at a time,” recalls Celia. 

Celia jumped into action. She was able to call the pharmacy and successfully work to override the ‘one month at a time’ policy.

“She got her medication for only $35,” says Celia, who stayed on the phone with the member until she walked out of the pharmacy with the meds in her hand, “just to make sure no other hiccups occurred.”

But the Care Coordinator didn’t stop there, she listened and learned more about the member’s situation to understand how Grand Rounds Health could more fully support her. “Her tween daughter had been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes a few months ago and it had been very hard on them,” Celia explains. “I mentioned her company’s EAP to help her process this big life changing event, and I explained our Treatment Decision Support that could be great options as they navigate this tricky new world of having a child with type 1 diabetes.”

And that’s not all. Celia even called back the next day “to check in on them to see how they were feeling after such a stressful evening.” Celia was armed with an additional clinical solution, offering to connect the member’s daughter with high quality doctors. And once again, she went further, drawing on her own experience managing type 1 diabetes for over 20 years. “I also gave her some personal advice on how to find humor through social media in the crazy world of type 1 diabetes, as this has been very helpful for me.” Celia even collected parental support options “to help her understand and reduce the stress of type 1 diabetes so it will be easier to manage as her daughter grows up.”

Celia says the member was incredibly thankful for the support during such a stressful time. “She really appreciated that I had type 1 diabetes too, so I could really empathize with the situation she and her daughter were going through.” And the member was “happy to learn about the options at her disposal”.

So what does it feel like to meet members with such empathy and caring? “I really feel like I am making a difference,” says Celia. 

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