Member Impact Stories: When Quick Thinking Saves a Life


“Member Impact Stories” is a series about how we positively impact individual members’ lives, as told by the care team members working on the front lines to raise the standard of healthcare for everyone, everywhere.


Care Coordinator Rachel Myers was wrapping up her Sunday night shift when she received a phone call from a member. Right away, she could tell that something was wrong. The young man on the phone told her that he had just been on the phone with his manager, who told him that he didn’t “sound right” and that he should call Grand Rounds. Rachel noted that the member sounded disoriented and confused, and transferred him immediately to Sue Borchardt, NP on the clinical team. 

“I knew that something was seriously off when he couldn’t tell me his email address – and we’re around the same age! It was pretty scary stuff,” Rachel recalls. 

As soon as Sue connected with the member and assessed his clinical status, she knew that he needed immediate medical care. “Thankfully, Rachel stayed close to her computer and immediately answered my ping for assistance with activating EMS,” Sue recounts. Unfortunately, the member did not know where he was and was unable to provide a possible street address for his location. At this point, Sue and Rachel jumped into action. Sue calmly kept the member on the phone and asked him to read her phone numbers from his recent contacts, while Rachel quickly dialed those numbers in hopes of reaching a family member who could locate the young man. After speaking with his mother, father, sister, and getting a state trooper involved, Rachel and Sue were finally able to get an ambulance to his location. They stayed on the phone with the member until they were sure that he was in good hands. 

The team later learned that the member had gotten carbon monoxide poisoning due to a faulty muffler in his car. Rachel and Sue’s quick thinking and decisive action had made all the difference in this case, which was especially poignant given that the member had just welcomed the birth of his first child. The member’s father, a retired firefighter, called Grand Rounds to say thanks: “This is truly an amazing service and I am blown away by the care and commitment of the team that helped my son. This was above and beyond all the way and they probably saved his life.” 

Stories like this illustrate the dedication and creative perseverance of the Grand Rounds care team in working to meet member’s healthcare needs, whatever they may be. Rachel feels fortunate to have had the opportunity to help this member. “Calls like this are the reason I work at Grand Rounds. What would have happened if he hadn’t called? I’m glad his manager gave him our phone number and that he called immediately.”