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Hearing and sharing our members’ health care stories is a distinct honor. Their personal experiences perfectly illustrate the complexities of navigating the system and the many variables that impact outcomes—whether it’s geographic location or the specific medical condition they face. And while the journey is different for everyone, there’s one thread that remains consistent: expert medical guidance makes all the difference, and at the end of the day, we all just want to feel better and live our best lives.


When Liz’s father, Sergio, landed in the hospital from a stroke, she felt overwhelmed, scared and uncertain that her father was being put on the right treatment path.

“I wanted to make sure he was given the right medical opinion because it was so important,” said Liz.

She tried to convince her father to see a different specialist or to get a second opinion, but it felt like too much work with everything else that was going on. That’s when Liz told her father about Grand Rounds. 

Liz explained that her Grand Rounds benefit from her employer, Salesforce, applies to extended family. She told her father that he wouldn’t have to do anything. Instead, Grand Rounds would collect all of his records for him, select an expert to review his records, and he would receive back a written report. That’s exactly what happened. 

“I got on the phone with Grand Rounds and the whole process took 10 minutes,” said Liz. 

When Liz and Sergio received the expert opinion back, it confirmed that Sergio was on the right treatment plan—further explaining what happened to Sergio and why it happened. 

Liz, Sergio and their family were given the reassurance and peace of mind they were looking for and needed. 

Learn more about their story below:


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