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Hearing and sharing our members’ health care stories is a distinct honor. Their personal experiences perfectly illustrate the complexities of navigating the system and the many variables that impact outcomes—whether it’s geographic location or the specific medical condition they face. And while the journey is different for everyone, there’s one thread that remains consistent: Expert medical guidance makes all of the difference, and at the end of the day, we all just want to feel better and live our best lives.


Leland has always been an active person, whether tinkering with home projects or through his job at Schwan’s Home Service. When he started losing range of motion in his left shoulder, he was worried he would have to go through another surgery.


“It was frustrating to be hindered, and it was scary too because I didn’t know if I was on my way to being like this [limited] for the rest of my life,” said Leland.


Leland knew his top priority was finding the right specialist to help him with his pain and decided to reach out to Grand Rounds, a free benefit offered by his employer.


“Nobody wants to have surgery; it should always be your last resort. By using quality data and the resources we have, we were able to find somebody locally in Leland’s area,” said Sara Modeste, Grand Rounds nurse practitioner.


Grand Rounds matched Leland with a physical therapist who worked with him and his needs to relieve his pain. Today Leland is pain-free and back to doing the things he loves.


At Grand Rounds, we’re honored to partner with the world’s leading employers to support their mission to provide access to top-quality care to their employees and help their employees through every health journey, both big and small. Meet Leland and learn more about his story in the video below:


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