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Spine surgery can be very invasive, and deciding to have one can be life-changing. That’s why when Inge reached out to Grand Rounds for a second opinion, they matched her with an expert orthopedic spine surgeon who was able to confirm that surgery was necessary. After the second opinion, Inge’s care team jumped into lightning speed, advocating for her with the insurance company and tackling all of the details needed to arrange the surgery.

Inge is doing much better after her spine surgery and is expected to make a full recovery. As a Grand Rounds Member, you and your eligible family members have access to our services. We can help you get a remote expert opinion for any complex medical condition, and more. Grand Rounds is provided to you by your employer or health fund. We guide you to better healthcare, at no cost to you. Sign Up or call 1-800-929-0926 to speak with a care coordinator today.

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