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“Meet Grand Rounds” is a series of interviews introducing some of the people working to make quality health care accessible to everyone, everywhere.
The Patient Care team at Grand Rounds provides unparalleled support and guides our patients through every step of their healthcare journey—from collecting medical records to scheduling appointments. The team was recently awarded a Stevie® Award for Customer Service Department of the Year in the healthcare category. Meet one of our care coordinators, Pedro Rojas, in the Q&A below.

What do you do at Grand Rounds?

I’m a bilingual patient care coordinator based in our new office in Lewiston, Maine. I was born in Lima, Peru, and speak fluent Spanish. I have the incredible opportunity to help patients from all over the country with their health care needs, including getting access to top quality  care. I’m honored to be part of this amazing team.


What inspired you to join Grand Rounds?

While job searching, I came across Grand Rounds and was immediately drawn to the mission and vision of the company. I felt personally connected to the goal of making health care accessible to everyone, everywhere. The passion behind each team member’s their work really  resonated with me and inspired me to apply.


From the moment of my first interview, I knew that the people here are genuine, caring and truly are making a positive impact for patients.


What’s been your most memorable/rewarding Grand Rounds moment so far?

As a Patient Care team member, I have the opportunity to connect with patients every day. One connection that I will never forget was with a patient who came to Grand Rounds looking for a specialist in their local area I was able to help her find the right specialist and even schedule the appointment for her. After the appointment I received this touching message from the patient: “Nothing compares to the kind, compassionate, caring, and understanding team I’ve encountered at Grand Rounds. Thank you for your hard work, going the extra mile on my behalf and truly helping to get my health fully recovered.”


This patient continued with five additional office visits and two expert second opinions with Grand Rounds. Her message reinforced why I do what I do every day. Patients are trusting us with a lot, and it is up to our team to take care of them like we would our own family members.


How did you get started in your career field?

My path to Grand Rounds has been full of variety, which has made for an interesting yet fun journey. I began my career in hospitality where I spent ten years managing fine dining restaurants. The next phase of my career brought me into the retail and manufacturing industry where I primarily was a supervisor at L.L.Bean for another ten years.


Although my daytime jobs were in retail and restaurants, my passion has always been working with nonprofit children’s programs.


If you could change one thing in U.S. health care, what would it be?

I would love to see a health care system that takes care of our children, our elderly, and our veterans 100% of the time, no questions, no hassles, no politics!


What are you most passionate about outside of the office?

My children and my volunteer work with nonprofit children’s programs in my community. I have three amazing young adult children that make me proud every day. They are pursuing their dreams and passions—what more can a father ask for. My father passed away at a young age, leaving my mother alone to raise two children. I feel this has made a tremendous impact on the shape of my life and has led me to my community work. It has inspired me to give back and help others who are less fortunate.


Outside of work I volunteer with The Boys and Girls Club, Special Olympics, United Way, The Dempsey Center, and The Center for Grieving Children and Teens.  The Center for Grieving Children and Teens in particular was my most rewarding experience and holds a very special place in my heart. I was the program coordinator for almost five years, running programs in the Portland, Lewiston/Auburn, Rumford/Farmington areas.

If you could have one superpower, what would it be?

I would like to have the ability to heal and take away pain. In my many years working with children’s grief programs, I have seen so many family members go through and experience the awful pain of losing a loved one. It is such a devastating and traumatic experience—I strive to be their support back to a happy, healthy life.


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