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“Meet Grand Rounds” is a series of interviews introducing some of the people working to make quality health care accessible to everyone, everywhere.


The Engineering team at Grand Rounds is a tight-knit group of software engineers, quality assurance engineers, architects and program managers dedicated to making a life-changing — and sometimes even life-saving — product for our patients, customers, and expert physicians. Meet our Senior Director of Infrastructure Engineering, Matt Lanier, in the Q&A below.


What do you do at Grand Rounds?

I am the Senior Director of Infrastructure Engineering and lead three teams: Production Engineering (the people who deliver and scale our hosted product for our customers), Information Security (the people who ensure we can move quickly and safely with our work), and IT (who needs no introduction)!  


What inspired you to join Grand Rounds?

A few things inspired me to join this one-of-a kind team. At the time, I had a few open opportunities, and was looking for something to spark much of my personal interest and mission to have a career in a field that was truly doing something good. I came across Grand Rounds and was immediately attracted to the team and the mission. I thought to myself, “people are not going to stop getting sick anytime soon” — I was intrigued by the health space in general, and health care seems to have a lot of room for improvement and opportunity to make this system into something effective and efficient. I decided to take on the challenge and make Grand Rounds my home.  

What’s been your most memorable/rewarding Grand Rounds moment so far?

My rewarding experiences are when I assist with pushing product out the door. The product teams work remarkably hard to come up with the best products for our users, and once that idea is ready, someone needs to get it out the door — secure and stable. I like to think of our team as the “product midwives.” We help this idea become birthed. We are helping it all happen and helping it get out into the world. It is incredibly satisfying to watch our product teams’ ideas make it out to the market and know that I was a piece of making it happen.


How did you get started in your career field?

I was born and raised in Silicon Valley, and as a Bay Area native, Silicon is in my blood. When I was twelve years old, I found a book of my brother’s on the C programming language, and read it cover to cover; this was the start of my programming interest. I came of age during the first internet boom. In 1995, I landed my first official tech job, and it has just been a crazy ride in the tech world ever since.


If you could change one thing in U.S. health care, what would it be?

If I could change one thing, it would be the fact that in the U.S. we treat health care as a product instead of a necessity. While insurance companies and those in the business of health care see it as a product, consumers see it as something they need. At Grand Rounds, we’re invested in helping smooth out the corners of this confusing system, and ultimately, make the journey easier for patients. The more that companies like us can map between what consumers want and what the market wants, the better for the health care system as a whole.


What are you most passionate about outside of the office?

I am a musician, and come from a family of musicians. I started out playing piano, where I spent many years as a professional church musician and played in churches of many faiths every weekend. I am also involved in my a capella choir. I have an instrument collection that my wife thinks is outrageous because it is starting to take over the living room! If you ever stop by the Infrastructure Engineering area, we always have music on. Overall, I am super passionate about making fun noise!


If you could have one superpower, what would it be?

My dream superpower would be the ability to go back and see and watch actual events in the past to better understand what really did happen, compared to what legend and myth we have wrapped around stories of these historical events. In particular, I would love to go back and see the time and place when monkey tipped to human!


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