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Our recent webinar, “How Employers Are Transforming with Healthcare Navigation and Telemedicine,” kicked off with a discussion on trends, benefits and the future of virtual healthcare. It also put the spotlight on Salesforce’s rigorous approach to healthcare—which helped prepare them for the coronavirus crisis and the future. 

Gina Hanrahan, Salesforce’s Director of North America Benefits, spoke about her company’s implementation of Grand Rounds from Expert Medical Opinions to Navigation and Urgent Response. 

Following are excerpts taken from Gina’s insightful presentation. View the full webinar to learn more about what Gina and Owen shared in the hour-long session.


Four Anchors in Salesforce’s Healthcare Strategy 

In the webinar, Gina went over the four anchors that support the Salesforce healthcare strategy on. They include: 

  1. A drive to quality—improving the health of employees and their families, optimizing care delivery, and supporting employees’ movement to quality providers and vendor solutions.
  2. Optimization of access and design—understanding and supporting employee access to clinical services, including how Salesforce builds its plan around supporting access.
  3. Improvements in employee experience—creating an exceptional employee experience and empowering employees to maximize benefit programs.
  4. Wise investments—understanding cost drivers, actively managing expenses and measuring performance to track program success.

“Grand Rounds was very closely aligned with all of our strategic anchors,” said Gina. “The Grand Rounds solutions provide quality measurement, the foundation of quality in everything they do. … [And they] support clinical expertise.”

Gina went on to add, “Grand Rounds has a very deep focus on member experience and thinking about this experience holistically. The Salesforce culture is essential, and Grand Rounds provides us that support to really take a look at experiences holistically. Also very important to Salesforce is the focus on innovation.”


Partnering With Grand Rounds to Expand Healthcare Services to Support Employees

Gina also shared when and why Salesforce got its start with Grand Rounds. The partnership began in May 2017 when Salesforce launched Grand Rounds’ expert medical opinion (EMO) services.

 “We received very positive employee testimonials regarding the support employees received on expert medical opinions and the value that provided them,” said Gina during the webinar. “Our executive leadership also became aware of the value of the expert medical opinion program, and we began partnering with Grand Rounds outside the normal EMO services and reviewing areas requiring clinical expertise related to our medical plan.”

 She then pointed to the 2018-2019 results of a global benefits survey and a series of U.S.-based focus groups, intended to better define how employees define quality healthcare. According to Gina, focus group results provided some very concerning stories about the struggles employees had in obtaining quality healthcare.

 In response to these results, Gina said, “We knew that we needed a solution to help support our employees. We began looking at programs and vendors in early 2019, and Grand Rounds was selected last summer.”

 “We began the implementation process for a February 2020 launch, and then we expanded our service with Urgent Response in April,” she added. “In our planning for February 2020, we had no idea about how timely this would be, as having this program in place for COVID-19 was just much more valuable than we could have ever imagined.”


Growing With Grand Rounds—From Expert Medical Opinions to Navigation, Salesforce Can Measure Success Easily 

 Due to Grand Rounds’ ability to provide a steady flow of data and analytics, Salesforce was able to measure and track the overall impact of their partnership. With the EMO program, it saw the following:

  • 1.7 times ROI in 2019
  • 91% satisfaction score with our care team
  • 68% overall change in our treatment rate

In the webinar, Gina explained that as the partnership progressed, Salesforce became much more aware of the clinical expertise Grand Rounds demonstrated to its employees and executive leadership.

In light of these successes, the company selected Grand Rounds as its healthcare navigation partner and implemented a two-phased approach for the launch of a program that, according to Gina, is a significant part of its healthcare strategy:

  1. Employees were given big incentives to register through Grand Rounds. One prize was awarded via raffle for the registrants each week. These prizes included a Tonal gym system, a year of HelloFresh, a Mirror home exercise set and a Peloton.
  2. Once employees registered, Salesforce followed up with multiple forms of communication touting the value of navigation, giving an example of how employees and their families could immediately benefit by contacting their personal healthcare assistant.

Said Gina, “We had some amazing successes. Just three months into the program, over 35% of our employees are now registered with Grand Rounds’ navigation service. Our annual goal is 40%, so we’re well on the way to getting there. Even better, we have achieved a 21% utilization in the three months since the launch. This was way more than we could even hope for.”

“What that means is over 4,100 employees have obtained services from Grand Rounds since February, which is an amazing statistic,” she explained. “We’re very confident that these early engagement successes will build and result in even greater utilization of Grand Rounds as we continue the program.”

And Gina added, “In our planning for the launch of Grand Rounds, we really weren’t planning for COVID-19; however, it happened. So, we were really very pleased with our ability to partner with Grand Rounds to expand these services seamlessly. This really did provide significant peace of mind.”


Grand Rounds Support Has Been Instrumental in Times of Crisis—Namely With COVID-19

Towards the end of the webinar, Gina took the time to explain how, with the COVID-19 situation, Salesforce has leaned on two key services provided by Grand Rounds. The first involves Grand Rounds’ Urgent Response, or 24/7 clinical access.

According to Gina, “This has been a great resource for our employees and their families, and again, a great relief for our benefits team to have such a service available. We know how Grand Rounds has worked with our employees and family members about their individual COVID-19 concerns, and provided both clarity and comfort to those employees.”

Other benefits of the Urgent Response platform involve supporting non-COVID-19 patients with questions on current treatment concerns due to cancellation or deferral of scheduled medical treatments. Said Gina, “This is also a source of angst and concern, and the 24/7 clinical access was able to assist those members as well.”


Grand Rounds’ Senior Medical Director, Tista Ghosh Has Been a Key Clinical Resource for Salesforce Return-To-Operations Strategy

The other key service that Salesforce has relied on heavily involves clinical resources and support provided by Grand Rounds.  

Whether it’s providing thorough and practical interpretations of CDC guidelines and other clinical perspectives to help with the development of Salesforce’s return-to-operations strategy or participating in discussions with executive leadership and procurement sourcing team to evaluate testing options and potential solutions, Dr. Ghosh has been an invaluable resource.

“Dr. Ghosh continues to support us in understanding the Grand Rounds solutions as we’ve developed the logistical details of our return-to-operations testing. For example, confirmation of how we can promote Grand Rounds as a resource to go to with questions after the test results are delivered. We don’t want our employees to receive positive or inconclusive test results and then not provide them with a resource on where to go,” explained Gina, who added, “Again, Dr. Ghosh has been really helpful in providing resources and support in how to bridge that gap and be able to provide employees with information and support at the time they may need it most.

In closing, Gina was quick to admit that, with guidance and products changing daily, Salesforce doesn’t have all of the answers to its return-to-operations plan. But the company has been “very grateful to have Grand Rounds as our partner along the way to support our employees.


If you have any questions about healthcare navigation, telemedicine or return-to-work strategies post-COVID-19, send us an email at


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