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Over the past year, employers saw the merger of their workplace and healthcare strategies Historically, these were siloed processes where healthcare was a line item (albeit a costly one that is typically only exceeded by payroll). COVID-19 has caused many to rewrite the script as company leaders across a variety of industries realized that healthcare must be a part of the business strategy. 

Our clinical team has guided companies through this approach by serving in the role of their Virtual Chief Medical Officer, helping them think through topics like what return to healthcare may look like after the pandemic, return to care and how to prepare for the vaccine distribution. 

One of our customers, Crown Castle, shared that, “Grand Rounds is a strategic partner that has helped us be at the leading edge of caring for teammates and ensuring business continuity during Covid. We’re happy to be on their customer list.” 

You can hear more about how we helped employers like Crown Castle here:


The full interview with Dr. Ami Parekh, Chief Medical Officer for Grand Rounds, can be found on NASDAQ’s Trade Talks.

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