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For years, Hiten suffered from peripheral vascular disease (PVD)—a condition that develops when the arteries that supply blood to the internal organs, arms and legs become completely or partially blocked as a result of gradual hardening. This condition only affects about 5% of adults over the age of 50, and aside from being complicated to treat, it is very painful and can severely impact overall quality of life.

Although he knew his options for any sort of recovery from this condition were limited, Hiten still found himself shocked and devastated when his vascular surgeon told him that he had just one option left: to amputate his left leg from below the knee. “Everyone I spoke to about my situation assured me that my distress was misplaced— that I was overthinking the whole thing. They stressed that I would still maintain a high quality of life,” Hiten explained. “I know they meant well, but the whole concept of losing a limb is not acceptable to me. I promised myself I would explore every option before I accepted my doctor’s opinion.”

So Hiten came to Grand Rounds for an expert second opinion—and for a shot at saving
his leg.

Expert Care & New Treatment Options 

Grand Rounds connected Hiten with Dr. Anthony Comerota, Director of the Jobst Vascular Institute at The Toledo Hospital, and former Chief of Vascular Surgery at the Temple University Health Sciences Center. Dr. Comerota is nationally recognized for his pioneering care for patients with peripheral vascular disease. The expert opinion Hiten received from Dr. Comerota has changed everything for him. Although Dr. Comerota agreed that one of Hiten’s options was to amputate his leg, he encouraged him to have a bypass graft that would allow him to keep his leg instead. “Like a drowning man reaching for a straw, his opinion gave me a new sense of hope,” Hiten said.

When Hiten shared the expert’s opinion with his treating surgeon, he was thrilled to find that his surgeon was not only willing to follow through with the suggestion, but was also extraordinarily impressed by the expert Grand Rounds had produced. “I have a fantastic relationship with my surgeon, and he was more than willing to work with me and take the recommendations of such a renowned expert. The Grand Rounds expert was the kind of doctor that other doctors turn to for leadership and advice—that was proven to me in the way my physician reacted to seeing his expert opinion.”

“I’m beyond grateful for what Grand Rounds has given me. I thank God that Dr. Comerota has given me a new world of options, and has empowered me to do what I can to save my leg.”

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