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Like most people in her situation, Barbara wasn’t pleased that she’d been experiencing constant nerve pain in her leg for the past year and a half. The process was long and onerous—visit after visit to new physicians and specialists for multiple tests and complicated surgeries. But none of them were able to put an end to her constant pain—or even determine a definitive diagnosis. Barbara eventually turned to alternative therapies to try and put an end to it, including chiropractic and acupuncture, but the nerve pain wouldn’t subside.

And as is millions of people’s experience navigating the healthcare system in the United States, she had a difficult time coordinating her treatment and care between specialists. “My husband and I both longed for my doctors to somehow get together and confer, and to decide what the best thing was for me—but everyone remained separate. No one was talking to each other, and I was somehow stuck in the middle trying to make sense of it.”


Grand Rounds connected Barbara with Dr. Jeffrey Wang, the Chief of Orthopedic Spine Service at USC where he also serves as Co-Director for the USC Comprehensive Spine Center. Dr. Wang was able to review Barbara’s complicated medical history and provide a clear, comprehensive explanation that answered all of her questions.

“Dr. Wang was the first doctor I’ve seen who was finally able to make some sense of my medical experience. With all of my records in one place, he was able to see what happened and provide clear directions on what my next steps should be. He suggested I avoid any additional surgeries and recommended that I proceed with EMG testing, which is exactly what I did.”

Having received her Expert Opinion from Grand Rounds, Barbara then decided to use the Grand Rounds Office Visit service in order to find a local expert for the EMG testing. Grand Rounds introduced her to Dr. Shafeeq Ladha, Director of the Barrow Neurological Institute EMG Laboratory.

Barbara says, “Getting an appointment with Dr. Ladha at the Barrow Neurological Institute was a feat in and of itself—I would never have known how to get into see him on my own, and although I’ve had EMG testing before, none were as comprehensive and well done as this was.”

Between the two Grand Rounds services—Expert Opinion and Office Visits—Barbara was able to finally get closure after a long, painful slog through the healthcare system. She now has a clear course of action, and experts on her side she can trust.

“I would recommend Grand Rounds to any of my friends or family in a heartbeat. I’ve been absolutely thrilled with the care, attention and friendliness I’ve received. It’s great to finally know what I need to do next—and have the right people on my side who can help me do it. Grand Rounds was able to guide me to an important next step in my care at a moment when I thought I was truly lost, and I’m very grateful.”

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