Grand Rounds Q3 Product Enhancements



We made a number of significant product enhancements over the past quarter to simplify the member experience and enhance functionality, with the ultimate goal of delighting members and encouraging them to come to Grand Rounds for their healthcare needs. 

Highlights include:

  • Overall Member Experience: new features to make it easier for families to use Grand Rounds, greater customizability on members targeted for outreach, care team tools to help members download mobile app, and enhancements to live messaging
  • Treatment Decision Support / Urgent Response / Telemedicine+: a simplified mobile intake process, the ability to schedule an appointment with a Grand Rounds clinician, and integrated in-app video visits for Telemedicine+ users
  • Provider Match: a faster and easier process for members to search for care, an informative loading screen educating members about our approach to quality, and the ability to see network status for each location at which a provider practices

You can read about these product improvements below. If you have any questions, please reach out to your Grand Rounds Customer Success Manager. 


Overall Member Experience

1. Increasing Usage among Dependent Spouses: We know that dependent spouses often play an active role in managing their family’s healthcare needs, and we want to encourage them to use Grand Rounds. To accomplish this, we have given dependent spouses the ability to view family members, claims, and virtual insurance cards (previously only available to primary account holders). Additionally, we’ve made it easy for members to invite a covered spouse during the sign-up process. Since launching these changes, we’ve seen 50% of newly registering members invite a spouse while signing up. 

2. Greater Flexibility in Members Targeted for Outreach: Based on customer feedback, we have added the ability to exclude specific members from receiving targeted campaigns, or apply custom rules for targeting based on customers’ requirements. 

3. Mobile App Download Links: The care team can now send members an SMS message with a link to download the mobile app. This will expedite steps (e.g., signing medical records release forms) that require the member to have the app. 

4. Live Messaging Enhancements: Since launching live messaging earlier this year, we have continued to roll out improvements to the member experience. This batch of enhancements includes auto-responses, a typing indicator, and read receipts, to keep members apprised of what is happening with their case. 


Treatment Decision Support / Urgent Response / Telemedicine+

1. Improved Intake Experience for Mobile App: We improved the intake process to provide a more seamless experience. Enhancements like asking one question at a time and an improved confirmation page make the process much more intuitive for members.

2. Appointment Scheduling: As the volume of interactions between members and our clinical team grows, we are enhancing the member experience by letting members choose an appointment time that is convenient for them. We took the first step by enabling the care team to schedule an appointment on a member’s behalf. This improves the likelihood that the member and the clinician will connect successfully. In future releases, we will add the capability for members to schedule appointments directly with Grand Rounds clinicians. 

3. Integrated In-App Video Visits for Telemedicine+: For Telemedicine+, we have streamlined the member experience by integrating video directly in our mobile apps, so that members can join their visit with one tap from their visit confirmation page — no downloading additional apps.


Provider Match

1. Redesigned Member Experience: We made it faster and easier for members to find care, particularly on mobile. Members will have one-click access to common searches, the ability to quickly enter key information, and easy access to our care team if needed. These improvements have increased search completion rate by nearly 70% on mobile, by making it easier than ever for members to find the right care. 

2. Improved Loading Screen for Provider Match: Our Provider Match tool is much more than a list of nearby in-network doctors. However, members are not always aware of what we do differently. To educate members on the quality of our recommendations, we are using the loading screen to showcase the Grand Rounds matching process. 

3. Display Provider Network Status by Location: A provider may be in-network at one location and out-of-network at another. To promote use of in-network care, we now display network status for each location. 

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