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Today, Glassdoor recognized our incredible company by naming us one of the 2019 Glassdoor Employees’ Choice Award winners. Reimagining an industry takes courage and conviction inspired by a massive aspiration—we are taking healthcare head on.


I’d like to thank everyone at Grand Rounds today, plus past and future employees, for sharing your valuable feedback. It has led to this recognition and to improving our company every day.


We take pride in providing unparalleled service to our hundreds of customers and over four million members. Our core values drive everything we do together. Proof of that shows up in our recent engagement survey: 97% of our company said they understand our core values and why they are important to the company. “Put Patients First” is unanimously core value #1— our engineers, data scientists, clinical staff, care team and colleagues across the company consistently center their work, organization and results on making our members’ lives better.  


We are proud of the talented and passionate team we’ve assembled over the past seven years—at almost 500 strong across our offices in San Francisco, Reno, and Lewiston, and in various locations all over the country. While high-growth companies often struggle with focus, scale, and collaboration, we continue to strengthen our teams and our culture while recruiting mission-driven people who want what we want—to make access to high-quality healthcare a right and not a privilege.


We do this by focusing on these four areas to drive success:



We have an audacious vision: to reimagine and raise the standard of healthcare. To do this, we need the best talent to build great products, services, and experiences for our members. We foster a respectfully competitive environment where everyone takes pride in their work and performance, as indicated by this Glassdoor recognition and our employee engagement survey where 86% of our employees said they would recommend Grand Rounds as a great place to work.



It’s in our DNA to clearly, consistently, and continuously communicate our business priorities and how each and every employee fits into that big picture. This isn’t limited to just company meetings or performance reviews, but is about truly building alignment at every level. And this makes a huge difference—90% of our employees say they understand how their work contributes to our business goals.  



Great companies are built with great leaders of all levels that team members trust. In our latest engagement survey, confidence in our leadership team (i.e., our trust score) increased by almost 25% to 89% since the beginning of 2017. Most importantly, our employees have a strong sense of ownership, pride, and accountability for their work—94% of our employees reported feeling proud to work at Grand Rounds.


Social responsibility

And finally, our ethos of “doing well by doing good” extends beyond our work in healthcare. Grand Rounds employees regularly give back to their communities for causes like The Dempsey Challenge, Spark Mentorship Program, Compass Family Services, and GLIDE.


Thank you to Glassdoor for this honor. Thank you to our customers and members who inspire and challenge us to do great things. Thank you everyone at Grand Rounds for bringing your best self every day.


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