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Grand Rounds approaches the problem of finding great doctors in a highly unique way. We’re a healthcare company, but we’re also a technology company.

How did we find all high quality physicians? These physicians are not:

  • Friends of our staff physicians
  • A bunch of names we found in a database
  • A data dump from various media articles that list good doctors

Rather, we found them through our proprietary Quality Algorithm.

Think about doing a Google search for “umbrellas.” The Page One results you get will represent what Google thinks are the most highly valued sites that discuss umbrellas—the ones with the best content, the most traffic, and the most referring links.

Similarly, the Grand Rounds Quality Algorithm performs a quality ranking of doctors. We look at a variety of factors—not all of which we can disclose, but some of which include the doctor’s training, publication history, current institution, and patient outcomes. Over 96% of all active specialists and PCPs in the US have been assessed. Physicians that score at the top for each specialty in each region are quality-endorsed.

From the small subset of quality-endorsed doctors, Grand Rounds will handpick the most qualified physicians for patients to see in-person, wherever they are located. Additional screens include: physician’s expertise with the patient’s condition, patient care preferences, appointment availability, and insurance coverage.

Outside of our quality algorithm, there’s no existing mechanism for quickly pinpointing high quality doctors in every specialty and every geography. Asking friends, or even top-notch physicians doesn’t work at scale. Yelp only looks at patient satisfaction and has low sample sizes. Don’t get us started on Healthgrades.

The Grand Rounds Quality Algorithm ensures that our patients don’t select doctors based on blind faith, but instead benefit from objective quality data to get access to world-class care.

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