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Every day of the year, beyond Pride Month in June, the company’s e-Quality Employee Resource Group (ERG) brings together its LGBTQ+ and allied employees, meeting regularly to find ways to further our collective company’s commitment to be a safe and inclusive workplace for people of all genders, sexual orientations, and identities. 

To close out Pride Month, the ERG organized a series of events and educational activations, including a special fireside chat with Jim O’Gorman, Grand Rounds and Doctor On Demand’s Chief People Officer. Jim shared his journey to come out personally and professionally, where he’s experienced challenges, and how he’s reflected on the last 18 months in regards to the heightened awareness and engagement for racial and social justice nationally. 


Jim O'Gorman, Chief People Officer“Technology has a unique way of connecting and supporting underrepresented communities, especially the LGBTQ+ community. It creates interactions that cross geographic and cultural boundaries, and connects people that otherwise would not be connected.  Expanding these tech-enabled interactions into healthcare is life-changing.  I know first hand that there is so much shame that exists in the LGBTQ+ healthcare conversation. This shame causes people to avoid care but, with technology, we can connect people with the right-minded providers that can offer the most empathetic care. I’m confident, through our tech-enabled approach, we will be a positive force in reshaping healthcare for underrepresented communities.”


Marty Young, Grand Rounds and Doctor On Demand senior product support manager and a leading member of the eQuality ERG, moderated the chat. We had the opportunity to sit down with Marty after the event to discuss how it resonated with her as a member of the LGBTQ+ family and her experiences at the company.


Q: Tell us a little about yourself, what you do at GRH+DOD and why you joined?

I am a senior product support manager, leading the team that provides all internal support for the tools we use across the company. I joined the company five years ago and have been involved with our e-Quality ERG since. 

My start at Grand Rounds was through a very personal connection: my spouse! I knew something was special about this place because she kept coming home ecstatic about work and had to apply as soon as a position opened up. Then, six months and a day after she started, I jumped right in. 


Q: How do you feel your role helps you achieve your goals?

In both my personal and professional life, I live for the opportunity to help other people. My role at the company allows me to channel that energy by streamlining processes and workflows. With our recent merger and acquisition, I have the ability to do this in new and exciting ways with our rapidly growing company.


Q: How did this fireside chat resonate with you?

I LOVED this event. It was an outstanding opportunity to continue getting to know Jim, and in such a personal way. Not only was he willing to be honest and open, but all of his responses were genuine and heartfelt. I hope the hour-long chat gave everyone the opportunity to see Jim’s dedication to creating a space where we can all learn and grow while we work towards our collective mission.  


Q: Do you have any words of wisdom to share with individuals who might be looking to join our company on how our culture of inclusivity really comes through in our day-to-day work, no matter what role you’re in? 

I can truly be myself here and relax, without hiding my identity; there are very few employers over my decades of experience in the working world where you can feel comfortable being your whole self. This culture of inclusivity ensures that I can bring my best self to work everyday and do my part in fulfilling our mission, which deeply impacts members in my own community and members of every community. 


Membership to the e-Quality ERG and any of our eight ERGs is open to all employees. These employee-led groups are aimed at creating ways to expand our understanding of our world and one another to make a positive impact on our lives and others. 


Considering joining our team? We’re hiring!  Please check out our career pages for openings: Grand Rounds, Doctor On Demand and Included Health.

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