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The healthcare industry is an exciting landscape of innovation. Digital health companies are wowing and wooing benefits leaders with new, tech-driven solutions to age-old healthcare problems. Need that rash looked at but can’t get an appointment? Video chat with a doctor. Want your prescription filled from home? There’s an app for that too. But are these niche solutions truly addressing the core issues plaguing American healthcare?


This is the question benefits buyers must ask themselves when selecting products to serve diverse employee populations. Does a 57-year-old male team member with diabetes have the same healthcare needs as a 26-year-old pregnant colleague going on maternity leave? In some ways, yes. Both would fare better under the care of top-quality doctors, and both deserve to have clear understandings of their health plan and all its offerings. In short, every employee should have access to resources that empower them to make the right medical decisions for themselves and their families.


Digital health companies that use both technology and access to a live care team to address the maladies of the entire healthcare system—instead of just focusing on one pain point—are the answer.

Here are three things to look for in a digital health company to help remover barriers for your employees.

  1. They direct members to the top, in-network doctors in their area. Assigning data-driven quality ratings to providers and facilities help ensure members avoid seeing sanctioned doctors. It’s a way to advocate for and empower members to expect and receive the best.
  2. They help members understand deductibles and incurring medical expenses. Cost is a #1 factor preventing people from getting the care they need. By clearly explaining what members can expect to pay, it allows them to plan accordingly.
  3. They provide instant access to specialists who can clearly explain symptoms, new diagnoses, medications, and more. Dedicated care teams are often available day or night to answer any follow-up questions members may have about the information they received.


Healthcare doesn’t have to be confusing. With the right tools to empower your team, you’ll see measurably positive results for individual employees and the entire company.

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