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Carmen knew something wasn’t right when both of her feet simultaneously started to go numb. She had just experienced an entire season of various sicknesses—flu, hives and a viral infection—but something told her this was different. Within 24 hours, the numbness had evolved into severe pain in her feet and legs, and she wasn’t able to walk.

Carmen saw her primary care physician and was referred to several specialists locally that gave her varying diagnoses and treatment recommendations. Nothing worked. Carmen didn’t know who to trust and continued to get worse.

When Grand Rounds intervened, Carmen’s health and independence were in swift decline. Through Grand Rounds, Carmen was quickly connected with expert physicians and properly diagnosed with Guillain-Barré syndrome, a potentially deadly nerve dysfunction. Additionally, she was able to get in-person access to one of the leading specialists in the country for treating her condition.

If it were not for Grand Rounds, Carmen “would have kept waiting and waiting for things to get better.” In just 10 days, Grand Rounds was able to do what her local doctors couldn’t figure out in 8 weeks.

Watch her story here.


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