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While U.S. health care is in a period of transition and uncertainty, there is one thing Grand Rounds knows for certain: expertise and quality vary considerably across the one million physicians in the U.S.*  


When Grand Rounds launched in 2011, we started working with top specialists for second opinions. These were remote, asynchronous consults through a secure, Expert-facing platform. Today, we also work with leading primary care and pediatric physicians to connect members for in-person appointments. We call the physicians we work with “Experts” because they are the experts in their respective fields, with not only tenured experience, satisfied patients, and peer recommendations, but also great care outcomes for their patients. Meet a few of our Experts here:

Experts enjoy working with Grand Rounds because our data-powered platform and technology pair them with the right patient for their expertise. More specifically, Grand Rounds ensures Experts see cases that are in their clinical wheelhouse, allowing them to practice medicine as they’d intended and to foster a great physician-patient relationship from the beginning. After all, health care is just that: the interaction between a patient and their doctor. We also support our physician and institutional partners with reporting, records collection, and technology support.  


We’re honored to continue this legacy with physicians across the US, from Pittsburgh to Portland and everywhere in between. If you would like to become an Expert reach out to  If you are part of a top quality institution, physician organization or a PCP group, you can learn more about how to connect with clinically appropriate patients, by reaching out to  

*According to the biennial census, there are 953,695 actively licensed physicians, which is a net increase of 12% from the 2010 census.  Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB), “2016 Census of Actively Licensed Physicians in the United State” July 20, 2017. [Online].  Available at 
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