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Grand Rounds opened its doors in 2011 with the mission of providing an employer-based solution that gives employees and their families the technology, information, and support they need to make life’s most critical choices—whether and where to receive medical treatment. At the frontlines of fulfilling this mission: our care team.


The Grand Rounds care team includes care coordinators, clinicians and records specialists who work tirelessly to help our 4.2 million members through their health care journey—often times the toughest moments in their lives—with unyielding empathy, respect, and skill.


“I came to Grand Rounds in 2014 seeking an alternative career path to the traditional restrictions physicians find themselves in: long days with limited time interacting with the members we are serving. I wanted to make an impact beyond the few patients I was rushed to see each day, in a place where we could scale that impact. Grand Round has given me just that,” said Dr. Sohini Stone, Medical Director of Care Excellence.

The current health care system is plagued with problems, and the care team at Grand Rounds isn’t satisfied with this status quo—they work tirelessly to deliver an empathetic, high-quality health care experience for all our members and their families. We continue to do this at scale, now serving more than 120 employer customers and 4.2 million covered lives by expanding geographically to meet our members’ needs, but also through new products and services to better serve our members.


Research shows patients don’t have access to the information they need to make informed health care choices. More than 1 in 4 (28%) people admit to not knowing where to find a qualified medical specialist for a specific illness or disease.

The Grand Rounds care team solves this problem by putting an entire team of health care professionals on the patient’s side. The care team connects members with top-tier physicians for expert opinions on their existing diagnoses and treatment plans and facilitates in-person office visits with local high-quality physicians. The Grand Rounds care team serves as the patient’s champion, patiently explaining all medical terminology and answering their questions.


On average, patients spend 10 minutes speaking to their physician in person, but at Grand Rounds, “we listen. We don’t use traditional call center metrics. We spend time as much time as the patient needs to ensure the patient is heard, and the patient understands what is needed to achieve the best possible health outcome, “ said Dr. Stone.


“At Grand Rounds, we believe each member should be treated like a human, not another number. Our care team is committed to giving each patient the care they need at the moment they need it,” said Dr. Stone.


Join our Patient Care team, see open roles here.


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