Above and Beyond: Helping Members Navigate the Healthcare System


The U.S. healthcare system is confusing and difficult to navigate. It’s hard to find high-quality doctors, understand insurance benefits, and untangle medical bill issues. Your employees may feel like they’re being bounced around the system without getting the answers and support they need.   

This experience is not just inefficient and expensive—more importantly, it makes your employees feel hopeless and overwhelmed when they’re already at their most vulnerable. 

To improve the healthcare experience, innovative employers are partnering with health navigation vendors to help their employees navigate the complexities of the system. The best navigation solutions look at members holistically, using dedicated care teams and data-driven, digital tools to solve any healthcare-related problems for the member, including financial issues, logistical challenges and more. 

At Grand Rounds, we create products and services that get your employees better healthcare experiences by providing personalized navigation, medical expertise and access to care. Our friendly, highly-trained care team goes above and beyond to provide empathetic support, personalized advocacy, and end-to-end care coordination for our members.

By navigating employees to high-quality healthcare through a solution like Grand Rounds, employers are able to provide their employees with dedicated support, better health outcomes, and increased cost savings.

Watch the video below to learn more about how Grand Rounds navigates members to better healthcare:

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