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Over the past year, specialized care was in high demand among patients who used Grand Rounds. Self-insured employers offer Grand Rounds as a benefit to employees and their dependents, allowing us to help them find the right care from the beginning in two ways:

1) By guiding them to the most qualified local physician for their specific needs. Our care team also supports patients through every step of the in-person visit, from scheduling the appointment to collecting medical records; and

2) If the right expertise is not available locally, connecting them to world-class experts from around the country for remote second opinions. By breaking down geographic barriers, we’re helping everyone — regardless of where they live — receive the best possible care when they need it most.

The infographic below shows the most common conditions that led employees and their dependents to seek help from Grand Rounds. From an employer perspective, there’s an opportunity for significant savings when your employees are matched with high-quality physicians who are the leading experts in their given conditions or specialties. Much of the savings actually comes from the appropriate delivery of care — for example, avoiding a surgery that isn’t necessary or getting a more appropriate and less-invasive procedure. Even more, your employees get better outcomes.

chart showing savings of remote vs in-person healthcare

When it comes to overall impact, one of the things we’re most proud of is the increase in patients’ understanding of their condition and recommended treatment after they’ve used Grand Rounds. When we surveyed our patients, 90% said they understand their condition better even if we didn’t change their diagnosis or treatment plan. This is incredibly important since health literacy is a major underlying problem in our health care system.

chart showing success of Grand Rounds


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