Grand Rounds Survey: Do Consumers Care About Physician Quality?

Consumers who typically prioritize convenience change their behavior when given contextualized physician information

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Nov 2, 2017 — Grand Rounds, a San Franciso-based health technology company, today released survey findings at the US News & World Report Healthcare of Tomorrow conference in Washington, D.C. Survey respondents who indicated they typically prioritize appointment availability when selecting a doctor were 4x more likely to sacrifice availability in favor of clinical expertise when presented with a novel version of physician profiles compared to a set of more traditional profiles.  

“This survey shows that if presented with contextualized information about a physician, people will choose a more qualified physician over one that is more convenient, in a significant way,” said Nate Freese, Senior Director of Data Strategy at Grand Rounds. “Further, based on our findings, traditional metrics like patient ratings, prescribing rates, and volume of patients seen were not nearly as compelling to respondents as more qualitative, contextualized statements about a doctor’s clinical expertise.”

In the survey, 1,100 Grand Rounds covered members were broken into two cohorts: one that reviewed traditional physician profiles and one that viewed novel, more contextualized profiles. The version of profiles seen had a profound impact on people who said they typically choose doctors based on appointment availability or travel convenience. Of people who said they typically prioritize availability, only 14% made their physician choice based on clinical expertise if they saw the traditional profiles. In contrast, 69% of these same people made their choice based on clinical expertise if they saw the contextualized profiles. In fact, the switch to contextualized profiles made these respondents almost as likely to prioritize expertise as respondents who, when initially asked what matters to them when looking for a doctor, cited strong credentials/training.

“Understanding how people choose their doctors is critical to our mission of matching people with high-quality providers for their needs,” continued Freese. “If consumers are willing to sacrifice convenience for the sake of quality, there is an opportunity to help them understand when it may be worth traveling further or waiting longer to get the best possible care.” Read the full analysis and view the physician profiles on the Grand Rounds blog.

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