Grand Rounds Launches “Grand Rounds STAT” Service, Enabling Urgent Medical Consultations for Hospital-Bound Patients

Expanded Suite of Life-Saving Product Offerings Furthers Grand Rounds’ Commitment to Changing the Health Care System

SAN FRANCISCO, CA–(Marketwired – May 22, 2014) – Grand Rounds, a company that delivers world-class outcomes to patients by connecting them with the top medical specialists in the country, today announced general availability of “Grand Rounds STAT,” a new product enabling hospitalized patients to have their cases urgently reviewed by world-leading physicians. This new product offering further showcases Grand Rounds’ commitment to changing the healthcare system from the inside out.

STAT, a fast, expert “medical intervention” for complex cases, is the third product in the Grand Rounds Outcomes Management platform. These cases are reviewed by the top 0.1 percent of physicians in the nation, as selected by Grand Rounds’ proprietary algorithm — which determines top medical specialists based on a range of factors including training, publication history and patient outcomes. Physicians selected by the Grand Rounds algorithm are used in its trio of services, including Office Visits, which identifies local specialists for patients to see in-person, as well as the Expert Opinion service, in which patients can receive expert guidance from world-leading doctors via the Grand Rounds “Virtual Clinic.”

STAT will further leverage the power of the Grand Rounds algorithm, matching time-sensitive cases to expert physicians who can weigh in at a moment’s notice. STAT cases can be initiated by patients themselves, but are often started by family members to ensure that loved ones who cannot advocate for themselves due to severe health circumstances are receiving absolute state-of-the-art care.

“There’s nothing more worrisome than a patient with worsening symptoms and no clear diagnosis. Physicians and family members alike can feel helpless,” Grand Rounds expert physician Dr. Sumit Shah said of a recent STAT case he consulted on. “STAT gave us the technology not only to tap into our network of expert physicians, but to allow them access to medical records, physician notes, lab results and imaging through our Virtual Clinic.”

Critical medical information gathered by the Grand Rounds team is shared with the expert physician in the Grand Rounds network. The physician can then communicate directly with the patient’s family and medical providers to obtain a more comprehensive assessment of the patient’s condition. This information plays a critical role in making a diagnosis or providing a management recommendation.

In especially time-sensitive STAT cases, the consultation is just a phone conversation with a Grand Rounds expert. “At the end of the day, we all want the patient to get better,” Shah says. “Medicine is a highly collaborative field — with STAT we’re able to seamlessly connect family members, attending physicians and our expert physicians to expedite the process and help patients get better fast.”

Grand Rounds STAT empowers patients, seeking to offer peace of mind, education and cost savings. Patients and their families get peace of mind knowing a case is being reviewed by one of the top 0.1 percent of physicians in the nation. The expert physician takes the time to explain options, so patients truly understand their diagnoses and recommendations. On average, the guidance rendered by a Grand Rounds expert for a STAT case modifies the patient’s diagnosis or treatment 65 percent of the time. This change often results in significant savings in the form of avoided surgeries, unnecessary treatments and incorrect procedures.

“Being hospitalized is the most critical moment in a patient’s healthcare cycle, and it’s also the moment when top-quality medical care is most needed,” said Owen Tripp, Grand Rounds co-founder & CEO. “Patients often have great doctors when they’re in the hospital, but may not have that exact specialist — a renowned expert in oncology, infectious disease, cardiology, or a host of other highly specialized conditions — needed to save that person’s life. STAT ensures that top quality medical guidance is delivered at lightning speed to patients in the hospital and awaiting treatment. We’re proud of this leading edge solution and looking forward to providing it to millions of Grand Rounds patients.”

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